Climate Change Skeptic

– filtering all of the wealth sucking hot air to see what's really goin' on…

The Purpose of This Blog December 21, 2009

I’m just one guy, trying to decipher all of the hidden agendas behind this cult-like movement.  For now, I am a non-believer in climate change and feel that we’ve all been led like sheep to a place in the proverbial pasture where we are about to be sheered by hypocrits, liars, extortionists, and those that are governed by envy and greed.  The capitalist system is now being misconstrued to be evil because of this movement – all despite the fact that capitalism puts kids through school, provides jobs, and guarantees a certain amount of freedom for individuals from the state. 

This movement goes way farther than climate change – climate change is only the veil we’re shown.  Underneath lurks a wide array of political, social, and economic agendas that appear to not be altruistic or ecologically oriented at all.  My task is to try and rip some of this veil off, despite the risk of being immediately dismissed for not waiting, like most, for the shepherd to show up and take some of my wool.


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