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First Case Study: Ian Plimer, Geologist, University of Adelaide December 23, 2009

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Dr. Ian Plimer, Professor of Geology and Nut Job to Climate Change Fascists, University of Adelaide


Well, dear Reader, I had to take a day off last night in order to do a few things.  Christmas is now two days away, and let me tell you, the shoppers are extra fuckin’ bitchy this holiday season.  “Boobs as battering rams up escalators” comes to mind.  Sometimes, dear Reader, I am ashamed to be part of the same mammal group.  No wonder I love my dog so much.  

I digress 

Sooo, Climategate.  I finished my brief introduction to all of you two days ago, only to have that feeling that someone who might be embarking on a huge home renovation might be having: “Where do I start first?” I asked myself.  Well, in writing this blog and in all of my discussions of recent past, I seem to be fixated on certain proponents of the pro-climate change movement.  Al Gore, in particular, seems to be someone I pick on.  I have two general criticisms of Al Gore – One: he is NOT a scientist.  Two: his personal worth has almost doubled under a movement that coerces others to decrease their own personal worth in one way or another. Seems kind of hypocritical, right?  I left you with a link yesterday regarding a geologist by the name of Ian Pilmer whose views are quite contrary to those of Mr. Gore.  Unlike Mr. Gore, Pilmer is actually a REAL geologist.  So my goal today is to find out as much as I can about Mr. Pilmer.  And as part of the “balanced perspective”, I will leave it up to you to access the typical, mainstream links with all of the same information about Mr. Gore that you’ve been fed already.  There are many references, all easy to find, and only within a few clicks.  Try finding one news organization, except Fox, that thinks this movement is all a bunch of crap! (and don’t get me started on Fox either!). 

So, here’s what I found: – thought I would start with the “consensus” interpretation (Wikipedia, after all, is biased to the lowest common denominator of its users).  You can have a look for yourself, but here are some brief points about Mr. Plimer: 

  • Name: Ian Rutherford Plimer
  • Birthdate: February 12, 1946 – somewhere in Australia
  • Avid critic of creationism and of the scientific consensus that global warming is driven by anthropogenic CO2
  • Has written 6 books and published almost 60 academic papers
  • Acts as Director for three mining companies

Immediately, anyone who is following the current eco-trend would point out the last bullet I’ve outlined, which makes sense.  The only argument I’d have to offer here would be that, by nature, any member of the IPCC is also working within the organization to secure their own funding and to promote their own self-serving interests.  Everyone has an agenda.  This one is just a polarized version of the familiar profile we’re used to.  Hey, if we’re going to claim a “bias”, we might as well be satisfied that both sides of this debate contain balanced biases.  Ian, however, doesn’t receive funding from the global taxpayer.  Food for thought.  

The Wikipedia reference contains a large body of information with a lot of links and references to his work and his personal history.  It would be exhaustive and redundant for me to reiterate them here.  However, I did find a series of YouTube video recordings of a lecture he gave recently.  You can find them here: – Part 1 – Part 2 – Part 3 – Part 4 – Part 5 

I will provide more information once I have it.  For now, it’s Christmas, bitches!  Go have a drink and tell someone you love ‘em!  And, if you’re one of those bitchy shoppers I made reference to at the beginning of this post – just breathe.  I’m sure your kids will still love you if you don’t trample someone to get a Zhu Zhu doll.  Peace. 


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